Merry Christmas Friends!

Faith has been keeping me busy as she is once again performing in The Singing Christmas Tree here in Sacramento. She has already performed for over 10K guests and we still have another weekend to go! Many hearts and lives are changed during this presentation each year and we are thrilled to be able to help. You can check out a short clip at:

Due to the schedule, I haven’t started any decorating as I write this but we hope to get our tree up tonight and dive in! (We do have the outside lights up! Yay!)

Mom is doing pretty well. She’s had several doctors appointments that I’ve accompanied her on, just to make sure we are giving her the optimal care she deserves. She is still attending the ADHC 4x a week as her body can tolerate it. They are so wonderful there and keeping busy and on a schedule beats the alternative! I have two caregivers who are sharing the duties with me and I’m very grateful for them. Mom of course is such a joy and as beautiful as ever. What an Ambassador for Christ she is!

Faith and I visited Alpha Oaks (where I got clean and sober 26 years ago), and we took 30 gifts to contribute then wrapped over 65 gifts to help them prepare for their Christmas party coming up! I was so proud that Faith thought of this random act of kindness on her own. I remember how my first Sober Christmas was 26 years ago!

When you shop online would you please consider using and choosing LDC Ministries, Inc. as your charity? Amazon will then donate a small portion to my ministry. It will not cost you a penny more and every penny counts for us. Also if you’re considering year-end giving  you can make any donation at the website and it is tax-deductible!

Thank you! Thank you!

I will be singing (donating my time) at Winter Wonderland, Cal Expo Fairgrounds, as we raise money and awareness for The Military. We will be using all the proceeds to help provide prosthetics as well as bless the children that have survived those who have gone on before them. Thank you to ALL the Military branches for your sacrifice! God Bless America!

New Years Eve the band and I will be bringing in 2016 with Crossroads Community Church in Yuba City, CA! It’s always such a fun time. Please check the site for details on this Sober Party!! You are welcome to join us.

Tis’ the Season to be giving….fa-la-la-la-la…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! You are loved.

Keep the Son in your eyes.

Love Always,