No Turning Back, Regardless

In the midst of heartbreak and struggle, how can you remain committed to God regardless of your circumstances?

In No Turning Back, Regardless, award-winning Christian country singer Lisa Daggs shares her story of addiction, conviction, and triumph about learning to trust the God Who loved her regardless of her circumstances.

In 1989, Daggs sat, hopeless, in a jail cell as the women around her picked scabs and spat on the floor. She was facing three to five years of incarceration after a felony charge for cocaine possession with intent to sell. Rather than surrendering to her circumstances, Daggs made a decision: She would follow God regardless.

As Lisa was sitting in that cell, she made a promise to God that many of us have made. She said, “If you get me outta this mess, I promise I will never quit telling people what you’ve done for me.” Lisa feels very blessed to have kept that promise from that day forward.

“When you know you should be dead from some of your choices and some beyond your control, when your heart has been shattered so deep you may wish you were dead to avoid the abuse, the rejection and hurt, hold tight to God’s hand ~ He’s about to make your dream come true!”

Chapter 1 Summary

Nashville, On My Terms

From my first breath, all I’ve ever wanted to do was sing.
At the center of my plan stood pure determination: I would be the next big something.

If your dream is to be a movie star, you move to Hollywood. If you’re a singer, you move to Nashville. It’s the city of unlimited optimism.
Everyone wants to make it big in Music City USA. They come flooding from the bus station, carrying a guitar, dressed in black, with cowboy hats and cowboy boots and girls have pockets full of lipstick.

I had a great job as a waitress at TGIFridays in Sacramento, CA, and a big pocket full of money, and my own car, so I headed off to the big city of dreams. It was an easy transition transferring to the Nashville TGIFriday’s, since the company had a passport policy plan in place where you could transfer wherever you wanted and work along the way as you drove to your final destination. I was quickly promoted to bartending and drug dealing became and everyday event.

I skipped over a very life threatening incident in this summary of this first chapter which included some of my very close friends. An incident where three friends and my life were in imminent danger and how the only way I could truly explain that we weren’t shot is that a miracle was taking place on my behalf over 2,300 miles away. It wouldn’t be the last time.

Don’t worry, there are more harrowing stories to follow. You may even see yourselves in the pages of this book in the many chapters to follow.

After all I was away from home and I was going to experience life, my way.

Cocaine was everybody’s favorite, and it became mine as well. When you’ve got cocaine everybody wants to be your friend, and while your holding it all in your pocket it creates a feeling of false power. We would all head back to my apartment and I’d line out these creative massive lines and while everyone would race to the middle inhaling them like fleshy vacuum cleaners. The rush would hit! This happened too many times, because often I would feel that warm trickle of blood come flowing down my nose. I’ll let you in on my dealer later in the book.

I should have been dead. Many times because of my own choices, and some choices that were out to my control. What I am convinced of is my life has a purpose, and there was one that was not going to let me go, no matter how close to death the enemy wanted me to be.

There is a story to be told. There is another song to be sung. There is another life to be changed!

Book Overview

23 Chapters

320 Pages

I was born in Hollywood, CA and we moved 3 times before I was 3, finally landing in Sacramento, CA.

Who falls out of a moving car twice? Me. Who gets robbed at gunpoint twice? Me. Who is taught the right way to live yet runs ahead of God’s plan? Me.
It didn’t work so well. It never does. Let’s roll back a few years before one of my greatest fears came to life. And it wouldn’t be the last time.

I was made aware of my parents’ divorce at 10 years old by a very mean girl while I was standing on the 3-meter board at the Cabana Club where I was a part of the Swim & Dive team. The pool area was full of sun tanners and swimmers, and she shouted from across the pool, “Hey Lisa! I heard your parents are getting divorced!” for everyone to hear. However, I had no knowledge of my parents ever even fighting. I disputed her accusation by screaming back, “No they’re not!” and she screamed back, “Yes they are, my parents read it in the paper.” I was frozen. I felt naked in front of everyone. And believed all eyes were on me. I dove off the three-meter board immediately under the rope and swam underwater the entire length of the Olympic size pool, hurried out the 3ft steps into the girl’s locker room. Changed into my day clothes and rode my Schwin home as fast as I could to safety.

Being on the Rosemont Cabana Swim Team I was a very strong swimmer. Never remember getting the Blue Ribbon, but many second Place Red Ribbons. My Dad raced in the California City Ski & Drag Boat Association Ski that ended us up at the river every Saturday. He raced in the 100-110mph category. One Sunday I almost drowned in the Sacramento River, it’s quite a miraculous story really.

I was the youngest of three, two older brothers, but never Daddy’s little girl. I didn’t remember cuddles, love, embraces or acceptance. While searching to fill the void I replaced it with many substances that over the years, took its toll and I ended up facing three to five in prison.

I was challenged to have your acceptance, your love, your approval and to be of some worth, and went to great lengths to try to gain that.

If you have ever been neglected, rejected, abused, caught in addiction, cheated on or know someone who has, this book is for you.

There is freedom at the end of our running.

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Thank you!! Bless you all and thank you for your prayers throughout the many years!


By God’s Grace…Always,

Lisa Daggs

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