If you are like many of us these days, you may find online shopping to be easier than fighting the crowds and trying to be one of the few that gets in on the “one of a kind” deals the big retailers offer. If you are an online shopper, you can save time and money all while helping support my ministry at no cost to you! Simply go to and choose LDC Ministries, Inc. as your non profit! Amazon will then donate a small (something is better than nothing) portion of your purchases to LDC Ministries. Inc. YAY! Each time you purchase from Amazon throughout the year, please go to and you will see the charity you are supporting at the top of the web page (LDC Ministries, Inc), …RIGHT?. Then, all you have to do is shop away!

Thank you all so much for believing in the work God has allowed me to do. Happy shopping, now and throughout the year!