Hi Friends. I so wish I could stay in closer contact with you these days. I think I’m going to take a new job down on Pier 39 in San Francisco as a juggling act. (jk)

I want to share so much with you that is going on, but everything is still in the early stages and has not yet been confirmed. It is getting really exciting, yet I’m overwhelmed with the responsibilities. Is there anyone out there, who lives close to me, who would like to intern in this ministry. Believe me…you will learn a lot. Would you please join me in prayer and believe that God will continue to open these doors. If you have the New CD Regardless, you already know that there is something very special with this record.

There have been new dates added to the site, so please come out and hear the new songs. Regardless is just being released on a very limited basis, as the investors need to have first say over what their vision is for this new record.

Thank you from my heart.  Always. Lisa