Oh My Gosh!! I just received the first mix of the New CD “Regardless” last night! It did NOT disappoint ! It is truly the best CD I’ve recorded in the last 25 years. What a great gift to celebrate this 25 year journey of ministry! Just a few minor changes and we will be done with the recording part of it. A big thank you to James “Bubba” Hudson & John Albani. It’s going to be mastered by Monster John Mayfield early next week. Now for the artwork/photography – Reba Baskett is working on this part. She’s amazing and one of the best as well.
Those of you who donated in the Indiegogo campaign will be receiving it shortly.  All other pre-orders will go out after that.Thank you from my heart for helping to make this possible. I am beyond excited to see how God is going to use this project.

P.S. Even Bubba and John (producer & mixing engineer) are even blown away about how it turned out. 😉