A Brand New Website and Music Video

The website is fantastic!! Please take your time to browse around. Email me from the site and let me know what you think! Please sign up on the email list to stay connected regarding the new CD, “Regardless”, concert dates, and fun parties that are just around the corner.

New CD

I have the new CD coming~ it’s almost here ~ it’s title…Drumroll…..”Regardless”.  There have been a few delays but hopefully it will be in your hands by this April. I believe it is by far the best CD I have ever recorded. It is vulnerable. It’s a conversation. It’s your story.  It’s my story. I guess you could say, it’s our story. It’s very personal and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

New Music Video

This new music video, “Dancing” (from the Forgiveness CD) has been in the works for several months. I wasn’t sure when the release would take place, but here on valentine’s day…it makes perfect sense.  As you watch this video, think about this: scared clay pots. Just like me. Just like many of you. Did you know that we shine much brighter when we have been broken? Take a candle vase that is of solid matter, for instance. Light a candle in it. What would you see? You’re right, not much. Now take that broken vase that has been glued together in many places and light a candle in it now…Ah yes…it shines. Beautifully and with character. We are precious treasures…those of us who have been broken and are healing or even still in the process as we continue sharing from our experiences to reach the broken world.

Ok That’s It for now. I hope you were surprised and blessed. Don’t forget to sign up on the email list to stay connected…

Happy Valentines Day and know that you are loved, beyond measure.

*Thank you to Reba Baskett for her incredible design and efficiency on this site. Very clean, user friendly and accessible! And to Howard House Studios for having the vision, producing this piece, and to all the volunteers who poured their heart into this. I have a very grateful heart.