I got this message from a friend of the ministry this week. It is a beautiful testimony of God’s great love and hope pouring out to change my friend Darlene’s life. Please read below and share:

“When I look back at the story God has made of this life he has blessed me with, I give God such thanks for putting people on my path to nudge me closer to His path. Lisa Daggs was one of those people. A simple invitation from a mutual friend to hear Lisa sing and tell her story of redemption was the nudge I needed to give myself over to what God wanted for my life. Lisa’s ministry provided hope for me as it has to the thousands who have been blessed by her willingness to be a servant of The Lord. The most amazing piece is to see the ripple effect of God speaking through Lisa into my soul. By giving me hope God used His healing in my life to start a ministry of Celebrate Recovery that brings the same hope to the Ladies of Folsom Women’s Prison. In this ministry I get to be the hand out to the hurting just as Lisa was to me. This past week God revealed the next piece of the ripple effect from that hope. As one of Ladies from Folsom Prison was paroled and went to live with her father who, unbeknownst to her, had also begun Celebrate Recovery so they could recover together. What an incredible connection… From God through Lisa who reach me to touch the ladies of Folsom Prison and then their families at home. Where will the ripple go next and how big will it grow? This last month I celebrated the 5 year birthday and appropriately Lisa (by coincidence?) was the special guest and gave me my 5 year chip. I thank God for using Lisa Daggs Ministry to reach into this very dark life to shine His Light for others to see.
Love you Lisa! Darlene Monroe

You never know…there may be someone that you love whose life may be changed through this ministry. Please. Make a difference. Make a pledge.
Thank you. Eternally Grateful.
By God’s Grace…Always,
Lisa Daggs
Psalm 40:1-3